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Who is Maxine Peake?
Maxine Peake is an English stage, film and television actress known for playing Veronica in Channel 4's Manchester-based drama series Shameless, Twinkle in Victoria Wood's sitcom Dinnerladies, and, most recently, barrister Martha Costello QC in BBC legal drama Silk.

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Gallery Update: Silk Series 3 - HQ Promotional Photos & Stills


Gallery Update: Silk Series 3 - HQ Promotional Photos & Stills

There are also new HQ photos from series 3 of Silk, both promos and stills, up in the gallery now! A couple of previews:

* * *

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Gallery Update: Silk Series 1 - HQ Promotional Photos


Gallery Update: Silk Series 1 - HQ Promotional Photos

Our photo gallery has been updated with 2 HQ promos from series 1 of Silk. Enjoy:

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Maxine Peake: ‘Silk wasn’t axed. I always said I was going to do three series’


Maxine Peake: ‘Silk wasn’t axed. I always said I was going to do three series’

Maxine Peake has spoken of her sadness at Silk coming to an end earlier this year, but is adamant that it was not axed.

The actress, who played passionate QC Martha Costello in the BBC1 legal drama, has told TV & Satellite Week that she felt it was a shame that the series had drawn to a close after three series, but that it was the right time to bow out.

“People said that the BBC axed it, but it wasn’t axed. I always said I was going to do three series and Peter Moffat, the writer, has so much on too,” says the actress, who appears in the second series of Peter’s BBC1 period drama The Village from Sunday, August 10.

“I was sad though, especially because the response to the last series was great, and people kept stopping me in the street to ask about it so I won’t get people saying nice things to me any more! It is a shame too because Martha was a great female character and a bit of a role model because she was going out and doing her job and was bright, intelligent and driven.”

The series ended on a cliffhanger as Martha appeared to vanish into thin air as she walked away from Shoe Lane Chambers, leaving her terminally ill friend and clerk Billy Lamb (Neil Stuke) behind, but Maxine has her own theory about what might have happened next.

“People kept saying to me, ‘She wouldn’t have walked away from Billy and left him’, so I think maybe she crossed the road further down and came back!”

Source: whatsontv.co.uk

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Confirmed: The Village returns to our screens on 10th August, 9pm on BBC One!


Confirmed: The Village returns to our screens on 10th August, 9pm on BBC One!

As earlier announced on Twitter this morning here’s BBC confirming the day:

Confirmed for BBC One on 10 August at 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Ep 1/6

Sunday 10 August

1923. The Allinghams have had a good war and are now ensconced in a grander house, where Edmund is hosting a weekend party for the entertainment of his political sponsor, Lord Kilmartin.
The highlight of the weekend is a man hunt, with Bert Middleton as the quarry. He’s wagered Kilmartin £5 that he’ll win, saving up to leave the Village for a job in Sheffield.

John Middleton, now dairy farming, has been renting young Alf Rutter’s barn to house his 20 head of cattle and milking machine, but he’s in cash difficulties and Rutter refuses to wait for his rent.

The Allinghams lay on a boxing tournament on the cricket pitch for the entertainment of the villagers. Edmund takes the opportunity to make an election speech, but the Allinghams are surprised when Bill Gibby, the Labour candidate, follows him onto the podium to make an impassioned plea for the Left.

At the boxing ring men are challenged to win a pound if they survive a round with Ghana, a black boxer barred from competing professionally because of his colour. When the stakes increase to three pounds, Bert sees a chance to earn the barn rent and Kilmartin gets into the ring.

CAST: John Simm (John Middleton); Maxine Peake (Grace Middleton); Tom Varey (Bert Middleton); Chloe Rowley (Mary Middleton); David Ryall (Old Bert); Charlie Murphy (Martha Allingham); Juliet Stevenson (Clem Allingham); Augustus Prew (George Allingham); Emily Beecham (Caro Allingham); Rupert Evans (Edmund Allingham); Joe Armstrong (Stephen Bairstow); Matt Stokoe (Gerard Eyre); Phoebe Dyneover (Phoebe Rundle); Annabelle Apsion (Margaret); Ainsley Howard (Norma Hankin); Anthony Flanagan (Arnold Hankin); Andrew Gower (Gilbert Hankin); Chloe Harris (Agnes); Scott Handy (Robin Lane); Ben Batt (Alf Rutter); Julian Sands (Lord Kilmartin); Derek Riddell (Bill Gibby); Amelia Young (Polly); Jim Cartwright (Peter); John Elkington (Philip Rundle); Alex Robertson (Robert Read); Daniel Ezra (Ghana Jones); James Foster (Lenny Carr).

Source: bbc.co.uk

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Manchester to have first statue of woman since Queen Victoria


Manchester to have first statue of woman since Queen Victoria

Public to choose from famous Mancunians to mark women’s suffrage centenary, with Emmeline Pankhurst a favourite

Manchester is to get its first statue of a woman since Queen Victoria, following a unanimous vote from councillors who said they were appalled that the “widow of Windsor” is the city’s only female sculpture.

Of the city centre’s 16 existing statues, 15 depict men, including Abraham Lincoln and the Duke of Wellington.

The public will now choose who is commemorated from a shortlist of famous Mancunian women which could include British suffrage movement leader Emmeline Pankhurst, novelist Elizabeth Gaskell, birth control pioneer Marie Stopes or Ellen Wilkinson, the MP who organised the 1930s Jarrow march and who was the first female education minister in the post-war Labour government.

The proposal, passed at a meeting on Wednesday, should see the statue unveiled in March 2019 to mark 100 years of women’s suffrage.

Jennifer Ault, 23, a trainee social worker, said: “I would choose Maxine Peake because she’s a great, successful actress and she doesn’t seem to have lost her northern roots. They made lots of references to her originating from the north in her role as Martha in Silk.”

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Gallery Update: Silk 3x06 HD Captures


Gallery Update: Silk 3x06 HD Captures

575 HD Captures from series 3, episode 6 of ‘Silk‘ are up in the gallery now. Here are some preview caps:

Believing in Sean McBride’s guilt Clive Reader withdraws from the case whilst in court Martha’s passionate, if biased, speeches lead to accusations of ‘performing’. Increasingly the evidence suggests that Sean was indeed the owner of the gun which killed Monk though, as the trial continues, Billy brings in Micky Joy to high-light police corruption and present Sean as a victim of a dishonest inspector. After the jury delivers its verdict Billy is exonerated of the sexual harassment charge as, much to his annoyance, his terminal illness is revealed and the chambers members vote on who should be their new head. Having withdrawn her application Martha is not present to join in the celebrations.

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Video Update: Maxine Peake talks about the role of Martha Costello (series 1 clip & interview!)


Video Update: Maxine Peake talks about the role of Martha Costello (series 1 clip & interview!)

Maxine Peake talks about her character, Martha Costello and the tension and competition that exists between Martha and Clive Reader.

The video was first released on 16 Feb 2011.

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Gallery Update: Silk 3x03 HD Captures


Gallery Update: Silk 3x03 HD Captures

320 HD Captures from series 3, episode 3 of ‘Silk‘ are up in the gallery now. Here are some preview caps:

Martha is engaged by euthanasia campaigner and solicitor Aisha Wiseman to defend Sarah Stephens, accused of helping her tetraplegic daughter Jo to die. Reader is prosecuting and brings in Sarah’s ex-husband Patrick and their fifteen year old son to show that Jo did not want to die as Sarah stated. Whilst two expert witnesses appear to endorse this and Sarah’s defensive attitude towards her family make her a less than cooperative client Martha realizes that she may be covering up for somebody else. Meanwhile Jake is poached by a rival firm and Billy tells Martha that, as Alan has now stepped down as chambers head, he is backing her as the successor. He also admits to her that he has cancer.

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BBC One’s ‘The Village’ - Series 2 HD Trailer


BBC One’s ‘The Village’ - Series 2 HD Trailer

Watch and enjoy the new HD trailer below… I’m so excited for this second series! :D

The second series of The Village sees life post the Great War through young Bert Midleton’s eyes.

Once again thanks Chuckie from his Rupert Evans Fan Website who kindly emailed me :)

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Maxine Peake: We’ve had some ‘milking incidents’ on The Village


Maxine Peake: We’ve had some ‘milking incidents’ on The Village

Maxine Peake experienced some trouble with her animal co-stars on the set of the new series of period drama The Village.

The actress, who plays poverty-stricken farmer’s wife Grace Middleton in the acclaimed BBC1 period drama, which returns next month, has told TV & Satellite Week that some of cows were less than co-operative during filming.

“Last series I was punched and had to go down in the mud and get cow poo in my mouth, which made me worry that I needed a tetanus and I became a bit of hypochondriac,” laughs Maxine, who was Bafta-nominated for her role.

“This time there have been a lot of milking incidents. I had to hold the cow while John Simm [who plays Grace’s husband John] was milking it, but in reality it had already been milked, and it didn’t like its udders being touched, so as soon as John touched it, I ended up going down the hill with it. I managed to stay on my feet, but everyone was shouting, ‘Let go of the cow’!”

Even the younger bovine cast members have caused a stir on set this time around.

“We had a bit of a temperamental calf. It was only six days old, bless it, it didn’t quite know how to lie down so when it was tired it just threw itself to the floor as you were walking along, but it was very sweet,” says Maxine, who decided to name the calf after one of her political heroes.

“We called it Tony after Tony Benn because we filmed with it just after I had been to Tony Benn’s funeral, so it became the Tony Benn memorial calf!”

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Source: whatsontv.co.uk

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